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We are International Business Consultants helping companies with their international business expansion plans.We believe in an end-to-end consulting service – from INSIGHT to IMPACT.

Most companies fail because they fail to ‘GROW’. ODINT assists driven companies to enter, explore and expand in international markets with confidence.

ODINT is your International Business Advisor primarily offering International Trade Advisory & Global Market Opportunity Consulting, among other services. We can help you with the following:

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We take your business to the world. Simple!

Market Entry

It is the time to think global. Strategic alliances and international joint ventures are the thing of the present and future. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.


Transaction Assistance

Global trade regulatory requirements can seem overwhelming. Allow our Global Trade Advisory Specialists to do their job on your behalf.


Technology consulting

Successful businesses leverage all available technological tools. We have a team of tech experts who ensure that your business uses the latest and most-efficient tools at all times.

Our Promise – The Four E’s of Excellence


Enter new markets.


Expand your business by tapping into newer market segments.


Establish your brand by leveraging technology and legal/regulatory expertise offered by us.


Engage with a global audience and be the brand of the future.

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From Insights to Impact, from product to people, we bring perspective that questions the status quo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Easy system procedures
  • Rein in anti-import taxes
  • Reduces subsidies and quotas.
  • Hinder national taxes and laws that may be incorporated as protection, etc.

There are various ways that one can put resources into the global business sectors. One of these methodologies is putting resources into monetary standards or in the financial arrangement of another country.

Of course, We handle reporting, employee tax information, payroll tax documents, and payroll tax prep and payment submission.

Whether you are looking for guidance or tracking on specific HR policies and procedures, We can assist you with issues such as unemployment filings and employee record keeping.

Not very. Except when leading companies are being sold, most transactions do not involve significant amounts of cash at closing. The reason is that NAPL guides buyers on how to structure the transaction so that the seller is allocated a portion of the risk to ensure that the merged business will succeed.

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While the internet has brought information to our fingertips, we still don’t have answers to all relevant questions. ODINT brings knowledge to you to keep you ahead of the curve at all times.


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