Month: December 2020


Why do Scandinavian companies need data driven business strategy in next decade

Data is important for any organization and the organization must be able to identify and manage all sources of data for achieving a competitive advantage in business. For this reason, marketers are turning to data-driven strategies to understand their customers. Nordic organizations had embarked on digital transformation journey several years ago with the purpose of […]

How Danish companies explore Indian market?

According to the ambassador at the Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi, relations between the two countries have never looked so good. Denmark wants to transform its ties with India and upgrade economic partnership through investments in the maritime-and sustainable development sectors. Denmark is an important development partner, and the Scandinavian country contributes also to […]

Impact of AI and ML over Travel Industry

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning possesses an extremely exciting future in our life and our travel industry can’t keep itself away from these advanced technologies. The Travel Industry has never been this exciting until Covid19 happened but it also leaves a massive void to be filled post covid19. According to the UN World tourism Association, […]

Brexit opens gates for India-UK investment spree

Brexit has no doubt pathed a lot of new gateways for Indian firms as well as the UK- India tie-ups.In light of the December 2020s Brexit Period, where the UK finally takes leave from membership of the EU, Prime Minister Boris Johnson looks forward to a striking list of the trade agreement with India as […]

5 Use Cases Of AI and ML In Manufacturing Industry

In today’s times, we can hardly sift through Twitter or open a magazine without coming across the words: artificial intelligence, automation, machines, bots, robots, etc. The world’s top-producing factories have switched to the digitalization of their operations. The large amounts of data flow from every tool are giving organizations more information than they know what […]

Indian IT firms planning for Business in the Netherlands!!

Yes, you read it right!! With the emerging potential of technology in our lives as well as in businesses, IT firms should go for a business with a European base. Now the question is why with the Netherlands?? Why the Netherlands?? Research explains that as a result of Brexit, the Netherlands has emerged as one […]

Oman FDI attractiveness

As an evolving country, the Oman Sultanate discovers that it is relatively thought-provoking to poise overseas investment safety whilst preserving its national dominion and welfare; however, it distinguishes the prominence of offering the essential legal defence for overseas investors.Oman is the 3rdutmost attractive nation for FDI in the GCC region and the5thin the North African […]

How Omani companies leverage the power of AI and ML to stay ahead of its GCC peers?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is motivating the so called4th Industrial Insurrection in numerous parts of the globe nowadays. The Sultanate is amongst the GCC countries accepting digital alteration in an attempt to enhance procedures and increase proficiency. More precisely, the Oman Dream 2040 is pouring modernization as it nurtures varied financial development and job establishment in […]
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