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  • About Us

  • Who We ARE

    International Business Consultants


    On Demand International is a leading Corporate Services firm, delivering International Business Solutions with a wide range of comprehensive corporate services assisting companies and entrepreneurs establish and expand their businesses seamlessly across international borders. We are based in the Netherlands, Portugal, and India; through our comprehensive network of employees, we offer the best consulting services on a global scale. Through our experience and in-depth knowledge of the market, we will provide you with guidance throughout the process and provide you with the best choice. We can also help you implement solutions for your ideas in the best possible way.

  • How We Make It Easy For You

    We follow our values ​​to define our ideas. It shapes us into who we are, what we do and how we do it. We believe that our profession is our belief. As we pursue our journey, we hope to grasp the resilience of our culture and shape us into fortunate, unique and satisfying individuals.



    Our teams are a deeply blended mix of ‘local’ and ‘foreign’ professionals, all with substantial ‘cross–border’ experience.



    Trust is confidence in the integrity and reliability of the organization. We believe that TRUST is an essential element in building long-term relationships.



    We deliver practical solutions and implement them. Our processes are robust, well ‘tried and tested’, across all industry sectors and in our markets. Our approach delivers results which enable our clients to ‘hit the ground’ running.



    Our existence is to turn possibilities into consciousness and understanding of the results. Our consulting process provides a unique approach to problem solving by achieving our clients' goals.

  • Why Choose Us?


    Our work and best practice communication is based on mutual respect and trust. We work across borders, branches and disciplines. Team, trust and talent are our key words. In addition to our areas of expertise, you will also appreciate the collaboration with True Search Consulting as we are committed to success and complete our search tasks 100% of the time. We will not resign until the position is filled. This is our commitment to you.

    Reliable/ Responsible

    Our integrity can lead to better jobs, a better life - and a sustainable future. We are known for our honest and fair relationships with our stakeholders. We accurately demonstrate our capabilities and do our best to fulfil all our commitments to our customers and candidates. We protect the good names they work with in our search tasks. Just like our gem collector logo, we only search for and target the best talent.


    We at On Demand International, focus on our energy on what motivates the individuals we identify and what gives meaning to their life. We encourage initiative in decision making and creative solutions. Going the extra mile is our ambition. One of the reasons for our success has to do with our core belief that we are more than the jobs we do. Our passion is to positively impact your business and exceed your expectations.


    Our expertise lies in customising solutions and connecting the right people. We are committed to building long-term relationships with colleagues, employees and customers. We can only process a certain number of searches at a time, ensuring that every search gets the attention it deserves from the first day until the search is complete, because we are valuable. We will understand your strategic needs before setting priorities, because your future is our top priority.

  • Vision & Mission

    Our Vision


    Our goal is to be the provider of business solutions for the development of the European economy while targeting SMEs and contributing to the excellence of local and international entities.

    Our Mission


    Became the number one business consulting firm, recognized for its professional experience consultants and customer service quality.

    Meet Our CEO

    Saif Nawaz - CEO and Founder of On Demand International

    Saif Nawaz

    About Saif Nawaz

    A serial entrepreneur with an impeccable track record of creating multiple successful business ventures with millions in sales, his personal and business ‘Success’ techniques, genuine enthusiasm and compelling approach make him a popular personal development, leadership, and business growth coach. Many of his clients experience a dramatic increase in productivity, confidence and tangible results through proven success strategies. Saif brings a tremendous amount of zeal and passion to which enables his audience to lead a truly enriching and fulfilling life by achieving personal milestones.

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