An increasing number of Russian entrepreneurs are establishing companies in the Netherlands

Netherlands Company Formation

The belief of a modern entrepreneurial Russia has long been a source of consternation. Geographically, this country and the Netherlands could not be more unlike. Russia covers nine time zones and has a population of 146.5(approximately) million people, but the Netherlands is squeezed into a coastal plain smaller than Moscow. The area has inhabitants of 17.46 million people, which is only slightly bigger than that of the Russian assets.

Netherlands Company Establishment

Can Russian entrepreneurs start a business in the Netherlands?

Yes, a foreigner can start their own business in the Netherlands or import your existing firm from somewhere else. It must meet certain necessities, the most vital of which being official residency and ‘authorized’ to work here.

Legal Residence

Legal residency is compulsory, which may involve gaining occupant consent and an entrance visa/permit.

For residence necessities, the type of enterprise (legal form): whether a sole proprietorship company, a Dutch private limited company (BV) or a branch office of a foreign firm makes no differentiation. The rules and regulations are similar whether you set up a business right away after arriving in the Netherlands or after working for some time.

The law governing residency differs between the EU/EEA populace and those from other nations.

Citizens from other countries who plan to live for over 90 days often need an entrance consent (MVV) and a resident permit approved by the Dutch Immigration Authority, IND, the ultimate source of the resident allowance.

MVV – temporary residency permit

Non-EU/EEA or Swiss citizens who wish to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 3 months are required to get a Dutch residence permit. Unless let off, an entrance permit (MVV) is also essential, as well as an integration exam beforehand.

What businesses are available for incorporation in the Netherlands?

Depending on your trade, you can establish many sorts of companies in the Netherlands.

  • The Dutch BV- According to the newly changed Company Law, it can be established as a sort of company if you desire to start a business with a minimum share capital of 1 EUR.
  • The General Partnership- It is for businesses with two or more partners operating under the same name and pursuing similar financial goals, with limitless responsibility on the firm’s debts. 
  • Dutch Limited Partnership- To make another type of partnership,  at least two partners are compulsory–a general significant other who has unlimited liabilities and makes organisation decisions – one silent partner who must provide the money to the business and has his responsibility limited to his involvement.
  • Professional Partnership- It comprises at least two partners that are individually liable for their claims. They selected this type of business for working a profession rather than for doing trade.
  • Public Liability Company- This type of company is appropriate for significant investments and requires a share capital of 45,000 EUR. The shareholders’ general meeting makes administration decisions. The board of management will make everyday decisions.
  • Branches/Subsidiaries- The primary difference between these two business structures is the independence of the local branch or subsidiary from the parent firm.

What is the procedure for starting a business in the Netherlands?

Foreign entrepreneurs who desire to establish tradings in the Netherlands must experience a particular system that includes the following steps:

Suggesting three business titles, it will select one of which and set aside as the Dutch firm’s trade name;

  •  Writing and notarizing the new company’s integration official procedure (if any papers need to be translated, they must also be notarized);
  • Submitting the required papers to the Dutch Companies Register and registering for taxes and VAT
  • Registering with the same tax authorities for employment and societal safety reasons, including the pension fund;
  •  Applying to the pertinent authorities for the business licenses in the industry in which the firm will function

The Advantages of setting up a Business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is well-known across the globe for its encouraging business environment. Many global investors and entrepreneurs are considering establishing a firm in the Netherlands.

  • 93% of the residents speak English, while many also can articulate German and French.
  • wonderful worldwide business atmosphere;
  • A corporate tax charge of 15%, amongst the lowest in Europe;
  • The Netherlands is surrounded by the founding members of the European Union(EU)
  • The country welcomes overseas entrepreneurs and investors from small enterprises to multinational companies(MNC).
  • With its steady law and politics, as well as its strong worldwide relations, the Netherlands draws multinational firms from all industries.

Why Russian entrepreneurs start a business in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has been one of the most sought-after industry locations in recent years, owing to many incentives provided by the Dutch government, as well as the country’s prominent position in famous indexes and publications. Those who desire to move to the Netherlands to start a business have several convincing reasons to do so.

  • Taxation favors foreign investors
  • Minimize your taxes
  • The easiness of starting a business
  • Allowances 
  • Access to a large talent pool
  • Innovation 
  • Attractive investors

Why should you open a company in the Netherlands?

  • Openness to foreign investment
  • Several types of business form
  • Quick incorporation procedure
  • Low registration cost
  • Helpful taxation system

How swiftly can a Russian entrepreneur establish my Dutch company?

The procedure for establishing a business in the Netherlands can be concluded in less than two weeks, particularly if the customer enters the country for the process. The actual authorization from the Dutch Trade Registry carries only a few days, but the obligatory document verification takes the longest. Contact us today to know more about the Netherlands Company Formation Cost.

It is easy for us to guide you gradually after we have had a preliminary discussion and understand your goals for establishing a business in the Netherlands. ODINT consulting is a business consulting firm that aids overseas investors in starting a business in the Netherlands. We have a committed International Market Entry Consultant team that can assist Russian entrepreneurs in establishing a firm with us.


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