Best Opportunity to Start Business in the Netherlands With ODINT Consulting

The Netherlands is a country of independent enterprises. The Dutch Government takes several steps to help Small and Medium companies open an office in the country. With the economy centering on the growth of independent enterprises and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs taking steps to ease the formation of companies in the country, this is the best opportunity to start and expand business in the Netherlands.

Why you should start business in the Netherlands?

For years, international businesses have turned to the Netherlands for gaining entry into the European markets.

There are several benefits of Netherlands company formation including:

• Ideal location in the European continent
• Excellent transport facilities
• One of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe
• 93% of the population speaks English
• No shortage of skilled professionals
• Stable country with no conflicts or political tensions

Types of companies you can form in the Netherlands

1. Dutch BV Company Formation [private limited company]
2. Dutch NV Company Formation [public limited company]
3. A Foundation or an Association [like an NGO]
4. Branch Office [for business expansion in the Netherlands]
5. Sole Trader [like a sole proprietorship]
6. Partnership
a. General Partnership
b. Limited Partnership

Company Formation process in the Netherlands

The broad-level process of company formation in the Netherlands is as follows:
1. Incorporation consulting
2. Completing the application formalities including application forms
3. Providing the necessary documents
4. Completing registrations (tax, employers, etc.)
5. Acquiring licenses and permits
6. Opening Bank accounts

If you are thinking about starting business in the Netherlands, then think no further! Get in touch with our team of International Business consultants and set up a meeting/call. Discuss your requirements in detail and allow us to help you realize your dream of having a business setup in the Netherlands. Make use of this amazing opportunity and go global!



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