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5 reasons to set up a business in Germany

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Strong: economically active

Significant spending power, an innovative climate, an intensive transportation network center and highly skilled workers in the heart of Europe - all of which are benefits of Germany as a business location.

Practice-oriented science and research, as well as well-trained and qualified professionals, create a good environment for innovation - therefore, Germany is the European leader with 67,899 patent applications in 2016. With the highest European consumption capacity of 1.6 billion euros in Europe in 2012, new ideas are easy to find.

Many of them are produced by the so-called Mittelstand. Mittelstand is made up of a number of small and medium-sized companies that are characteristic of the German economy.

The German infrastructure will also make it easy for you to build your own business. More than 230,000 km of roads, 37,000 km of rail and a modern telecommunications network will take you to your ideas and your products at your destination.

Stable: a great place for your idea

As a German entrepreneur, you can expect a stable political and economic environment. More importantly: three legislation will protect you from the theft of your ideas.


Invention, company logo and concept: Your intellectual property is protected in Germany. Copyright law, patent law and trademark law are designed to protect what may be your most valuable asset.

Economic policy has also been focused on protecting good ideas: for example, competition law ensures that your competitors cannot make false claims about your products in order to attract customers.

Germany not only guarantees freedom of competition, but also guarantees the freedom of citizens. It is based on a free democratic basic order: the people elect their representatives, and the separation of powers prevents abuse of power.

All of this is why the German economy is so stable: despite the economic crisis, the number of Mittelstand employees increased by about 2.5 million between 2007 and 2011.

Open mind:

Your cultural background will help you attract international customers. You are not just an expert in your field. Contrary to most Germans, you are also very familiar with your country's culture. This is of course an advantage.

Germany is an immigrant country. In 2016 alone, more than 1.5 million people moved from abroad to Germany - and this number is growing. Usually, these immigrants have special requirements and wishes, and you may be more familiar with them than most Germans. Maybe this may be the starting point for business ideas?

Your language and cultural knowledge may be the key to European Company Formation. More than 20% of Mittelstand companies are already active in the international market. Maybe you have already contacted one of the companies. Use them to build your own business.

Helpful: You will receive professional support and funding

Once you come up with a business idea, it can be the most important foundation for your own company. There are a number of information centres that provide comprehensive advice on Germany Gmbh Company Formation, what is the best way to do it and where you can get funding.

All German countries have professional information centres for entrepreneurs - and offer advice free of charge. There are also many options in the startup plan. These will help you find the right network and will help you with funding and other related issues.

You can also get valuable advice from other international entrepreneurs, and you may encounter these suggestions on a startup network or information center.

Diversification: becoming part of a diverse society

If you decide to do business in Germany, you will decide to support a country that offers a high quality of life. In addition, the German culture, the diversity of the people and the friendliness also make it attractive.

More than 10 million people from other countries call Germany their home. The coexistence of various cultures and religions has contributed to a vivid international artistic and cultural scene. A high quality of life and a stable democracy also contribute to the peaceful coexistence of Germany.

The family also played an important role: more than 8 million families live in Germany. Policy makers and companies value their interests. In this way, parents have many ways to coordinate work and family life. For example, children from Germany are usually entitled to a nursery school from the age of one.

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