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5 Types of companies opening in the Netherlands

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Many foreign companies operate in the Netherlands because of the many advantages offered by the country. In addition to being able to reach more than 500,000 consumers in Western Europe, the Netherlands also has one of the largest ports in Europe: the Port of Rotterdam. The Netherlands also provides a very favorable tax system for companies from all walks of life. Below you can find more information on the 5 best industries for doing a business in the Netherlands.

Due to the development of innovative technologies in the field, the Netherlands is currently the second largest agricultural and food exporter after the United States. In 2015, Dutch agricultural companies' food exports grew to a record 82.4 billion euros. Our Dutch lawyers can help you apply for a food license for such companies.

Opening an energy company in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a European leader in the production of natural gas and green energy. It also has one of the world's most advanced natural gas technologies. Foreign investors in the open energy industry can benefit from government initiatives in this area. Our agents in the Netherlands can provide you with information about government subsidies to energy sector companies.

Open a Dutch IT company

The regulatory framework is ideal for investors who want to register an IT company in the Netherlands. Such companies can benefit from various incentives from the high-tech industry granted by the government. Our Dutch BV firm can assist you with the licensing process for your IT company.

Founding company in the logistics industry in the Netherlands

The number of goods transported from one corner to another has had a major impact on the logistics industry in the Netherlands. Currently, the Netherlands is one of the most developed logistics centers in the world, which is why opening a logistics company will generate considerable revenue.

Creative industry is one of the areas of the rise of the Netherlands

Surprisingly, the creative industry is fast becoming one of the best industries to invest in the Netherlands. Foreign investors can open online games, architecture and design companies in this area. Our Consultants in the Netherlands can provide you with information about the requirements for opening a company of the above type.

If you are interested in Netherlands Company Formation, you can contact our International Market Entry Specialist for legal assistance.

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