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A large number of foreign companies established in Amsterdam

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The number of new international companies that set up offices in Amsterdam last year has increased compared to 2017. Among these companies, these multinational companies have created approximately 2,900 new jobs in the city. This positive growth shows that Amsterdam is an important center for foreign investment in Europe and one of the most profitable cities in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam has a large number of new companies

Amsterdam is one of the Dutch cities and absorbs most of the foreign investment in the country. Last year, a large number of foreign companies opened new offices in the city, a slight increase from 2017.

In 2018, 140 foreign companies set up offices in Amsterdam and created approximately 2,950 new jobs in the city. In addition to these newly established companies, there are 35 other existing foreign companies in Amsterdam that have expanded their business and created another impressive new job: more than 3,000.

Popular investment department in 2018

One of the two most popular investment areas in 2018 was IT and technology. Last year, 36 international companies operating in these commercial areas were established in the city. Other important investment opportunities are in the commercial and financial sectors, with about 23 new companies opening offices. The creative industry ranked third with 15 new companies.

The Amsterdam region is one of the important areas of business development and investment in the Netherlands. The city is also a well-known tourist destination, it is friendly to foreigners, and the workforce here is highly educated and bilingual. In a vibrant city like Amsterdam, foreign employees feel at home.

Foreign investment is very important to the Dutch economy, and the country actively encourages investment in many areas of business. The Netherlands allows 100% of foreign ownership and the tax system is recognized for its benefits.

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