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Advantages of Netherlands Company Formation

The Netherlands, is also simply called “Holland”, but is officially known as the “Kingdom of the Netherlands”. It is located in Western Europe and has three island regions in the Caribbean. The southern part of the Netherlands is bordered by Belgium, the northwest is bordered by the North Sea, and the east is bordered by Germany. Amsterdam is the capital of the country. The other two largest cities are The Hague and Rotterdam, which are the largest ports in Europe.

Why set up business in the Netherlands?

Strategic location

The Netherlands offers the perfect springboard for the European market - within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you can enter 95% of Europe's most lucrative consumer market.

Excellent business environment

The Dutch DHL Global Connectivity Index ranks first, with a competitive international environment and more than 15,000 foreign companies. In fact, 50% of the Netherlands' GDP is from the international market.

Superior infrastructure
The Netherlands ranks third in terms of overall logistics performance, with world-class seaports and airports, extensive rail and highway networks and the second highest quality broadband network in Europe.

Competitive fiscal climate
The Netherlands has an investment-friendly corporate income tax system, a cooperative tax authority, attractive innovation and research and development incentives, and a competitive corporate income tax rate of 20-25%, making it one of the most attractive international companies in Europe.

Highly educated multilingual workforce
The highly educated workforce in the Netherlands provides a wide range of capabilities for productivity in Europe. In addition, 90% of Dutch people are proficient in English - the common language of international business, science and technology.

Creative and Innovative Environment

The Netherlands ranks fourth in the Global Innovation Index, with an attractive test market, adaptive consumers and an open culture. As one of the most multicultural creative talent centers in the world, simply speaking, the Netherlands is a great place to turn ideas into reality.

Flourishing Department
Driven by world-class research institutions and academia, public-private partnerships between industry and government, the Netherlands has a rich cross-border tradition that promotes its booming chemicals, high-tech systems, life sciences and health, and creativity. And other areas of development.

Excellent quality of life
The “World Happiness Report” was rated as the sixth most happy region in the world. Compared with most major European countries, the Netherlands has a higher standard of living and lower cost of living.

Features of a Dutch BV Company formation in the Netherlands

  • 1 Euro Share Capital
  • 4 Shareholder/Director
  • 100% foreign Ownership
  • All Trading activities permissible
  • Stepping stone of European Residency 
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