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Amsterdam, in Top Five Dynamic European Cities

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It is fast and affordable to do business in the Netherlands; all necessary documents can be submitted to the notary in advance in one day. Amsterdam's workforce is highly skilled and educated. Most Dutch (young or elderly) speak English very well. You don't need to learn Dutch until you settle down.

Amsterdam ranks first among the five most dynamic cities in Europe and ranks first among Savills investment management companies. The rankings are mainly concentrated in the cities most suitable for commercial real estate investment. Other cities include London, Paris and Cambridge. Our Dutch BV company formation experts can help you invest in Amsterdam.

Top quality in Amsterdam

According to six different characteristics, the Savills report compares 130 cities in Europe. Amsterdam ranks fifth among the 130 jurisdictions. The city scored the highest in terms of innovation and was the most unfavorable in terms of inclusiveness. The six analytical aspects are innovation, inspiration, inclusiveness, interconnection, infrastructure and investment.

The report also highlights the top quality of Amsterdam, mentioning that the city is the financial and business hub of the Netherlands, with a growing number of start-ups and technology communities.

According to the report, the top cities in the dynamic category are ambitious infrastructure investment projects, high-quality universities, innovative companies and cities that attract and maintain the power of highly qualified employees.

Ranked 46th in other cities in the Netherlands, 48th in Utrecht, 48th in Eindhoven and 50th in The Hague. In terms of innovation, the latter ranked 8th in Europe.

Invest in Amsterdam

The Netherlands welcomes and encourages foreign investment. There is no regulatory policy for foreign investment, allowing foreign companies to hold 100% of their Dutch counterparts. The government offers a range of tax incentives, such as loans or subsidies for research and development projects, especially those that focus on environmental protection. There are employment insurance premiums for creating new jobs, and the country has a special policy for foreign employees. One of our Netherlands Company formation consultants can tell you more about these incentives.

Private limited companies and public limited companies as well as branches are common forms of business for foreign investors in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities.

For more information on investing in the country, please contact our International Business Advisors.

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