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Amsterdam is that the most attractive Dutch town for Foreign Investors

Amsterdam remained one amongst the foremost appealing cities in Europe in terms of attractiveness for foreign firms seeking to open associate workplace within the EU.
Moreover, in 2016 the Dutch city registered a new record increase, as 157 companies have set up offices here. Our Dutch BV company formation agents will assist foreign investors World Health Organization need to ascertain offices in capital of The Netherlands or alternative massive cities.

Amsterdam is a magnet for both large and small companies

2016 was the third year in a row in which a record number of foreign enterprises have opened offices in Amsterdam, in the Metropolitan Area particularly. An interesting truth is that not solely massive firms have established their presence here, but also startups were drawn to Amsterdam more than other Dutch cities.

Amsterdam is now one of the most flourishing cities in the Netherlands due to the fact that these companies have created 4,285 new jobs in 2016 alone. The native authorities emphasized they were expected the amount of latest firms registered in capital of The Netherlands to slightly decrease as a consequence of Brexit, however, their number actually grew and thus the city remained a preferred destination for foreign investment.

Amsterdam is one among the foremost competitive cities within the world

Not solely will capital of The Netherlands build a pleasant figure in Europe, but in 2016 it was ranked by several surveys as one of the best cities to do business in on a global level. The IBM international Location Trend report placed capital of The Netherlands on the third position in terms of attractiveness for foreign investment, while the European Attractiveness Survey issued by EY placed it on the fourth position. Companies within the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and North Africa) region have established most the offices in Amsterdam last year, representing 41% of the new jobs created here. Another prime capitalist was the us with forty six new firms registered in capital of The Netherlands.

For assistance in Netherlands Company Formation, please feel free to contact our European company formation consultants. Our company registration representatives within the European country may also supply info on the wants for gap a corporation here.

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