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Bring your business abroad quickly: How does On Demand International work?

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We know from experience that setting up a company in abroad is a difficult and complicated task. That's why we created On Demand International, a single delivery platform where you find answers to all your market entry needs regarding company formation Under one roof

Your needs are our goal

On Demand International can assist your company become international. If you already have your own company, then you clearly understand the importance of having all the compliance and certifications in before you begin the operations. Endless negotiations, a large number of appointments with lawyers and consultants, and many other paperwork. You may have forgotten how much energy and nerves it has spent, but we are sure that you don't want to relive all of these memories. Planning, financing, and decision making all take a lot of effort, and we want to help you focus on the progress and success of your business, rather than focusing on maintaining and setting up its daunting necessities. Our international registration service can help you achieve this. With this option, all you need to do to set up your company is to send us your contact information and vision, click and take a step back, and we will send you a confirmation letter containing all the documents you need to successfully form a company.

Easier than ever

We offer you a simple, safe and practical way to expand internationally. When you want to expand your business abroad, the burden of creating a company is doubled. Language barriers, lack of institutional contact or physical distance may make you back down and limit your wishes. If you open a limited liability company, limited liability company, UG or limited liability company in these regions, then the coveted market in the United States or the United Kingdom, the economic advantages of Germany or the harsh environment of Hong Kong will be closer to you. Our versatile packaging is tailored to your requirements and offers a variety of additional services. Our local legal representatives ensure that the establishment of your entity is exactly the same as that of your target country, thus reducing your organizational burden.

What do you need to do

Ideally, you can set up your company abroad with us within a few days. It takes a few minutes to submit the registration form. If there is no objection to your application (incorrect data, unusable entity name, etc.), our representative will take over your case and handle everything.

Ready to start?

It's that simple! If you have any questions before, during or after the program, our customer relations team will assist you at We are waiting for your application!

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