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Business trends of German companies in 2018

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Due to the extensive digitization of German companies and their investment in personnel training, the results for 2018 are expected to be very positive. Regardless of the company's operations, companies invest in research and employee specialization. German companies have successfully maintained their position at the top of the global market. If you are interested in investing in this country, our company can help you provide information about local legal requirements applicable to Germany company registration.


Overview of German business trends in 2018


Some of the business trends of 2018 were a natural continuation of the economic movement last year. 95% of German companies plan to expand this year and are optimistic about their development prospects.


Decentralization is an important factor in the country’s recent trends. Foreign investors have developed regional incentives depending on their country, which helps to increase market diversification and customer distribution. Our German company formation experts are ready to provide you with the latest information on the country's tax measures.


The most popular investment area is 2018


According to a survey conducted at the end of last year, some business trends in Germany in 2018 have surfaced. The field of biotechnology is one of the areas with important government support. If you are planning to invest in this industry, you can discuss with our international market Entry Consultants to understand the licensing requirements for the industry.


Another area that has already made significant investments from local and international entrepreneurs is the food sector. New restaurants and hotels continue to diversify offers in the German market. The same is true of other popular industries this year:


• transportation business;

• Automotive manufacturing and retail;

• Online marketing and advertising;

• Free writing;

• Laundry and dry cleaning.


Please feel free to contact our European company formation consultants to achieve a carefree business in the country.


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