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Cheapest Country in the world to register a company

The Netherlands (Holland) is strategically located in Western Europe bordering belgium and Germany. As a strong member of the European Union, Holland is the gateway to access the entire EU market.

The Dutch government has made it increasingly simpler for international business fraternity to setup their base in Holland over the last decade. Incorporating a company in Holland is fastest and cheapest in the today's world. with attractions such as Euro 1 to setup that company with 100% foreign national ownership, Holland has made it extremely economical for international business fraternity to reach out to entire rich European market at very cheap and low startup cost. Moreover the infrastructure such as airports, seaports and highways, makes Holland am ideal place to incorporate your new business entity.

On Demand International provides end-to-end assistance throughout the European company formation process. We handle all aspects of company formation in several countries around the world and offer a wide range of turnkey solutions. Alternatively, we can create a specific proposal based on your specific needs.

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