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Company Formation in Amsterdam, Netherlands

When planning a European company in Netherlands, you must be aware that in order to open a company and have legal rights to activate as a legal entity, you must follow many steps. Our international business consultants provide company formation services in Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands.

No matter which Dutch company you choose to build in this city, we will provide assistance in opening a company in Amsterdam. If you are planning to open a Dutch B.V. (Netherlands limited liability company) or a general partnership or a Dutch limited partnership, we can provide information and advice. In addition, if you plan to open a branch or set up a subsidiary in Amsterdam, we can also support you.

Procedures for opening a firm in Amsterdam

Among European company formation services, our international market Entry Specialists offer assistance in all the procedures required for opening a company in the Netherlands. We can assist you in drafting company charters, signing samples, and filling out forms and documents. In addition, we can provide you with all registration procedures, set up bank accounts and provide accounting advice

Setting up a company in Amsterdam requires specific steps, and you can make sure that all the programs are done accordingly and that it is much faster than registering yourself. We can help you verify that the name required by the company is available and retained at the Chamber of Commerce, and then open a bank account and deposit the minimum share capital, depending on the type of company selected and the notarisation of the notarial certificate. The company's registration contract.

We can provide virtual office in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's virtual office is perfect for businessmen who want to do business in Amsterdam because it is a low-budget investment and professional. It is the best solution for investors that already run a business outside Amsterdam and want to extend to this city as well, and therefore need to have a physical presence in Amsterdam.

Contact us in order to benefit from the company's formation services in Amsterdam and get the necessary information about doing business in the Netherlands.

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