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Company Formation in Eindhoven, Netherlands

When starting a company in the Netherlands, merchants have many options for Dutch cities. Until recently Amsterdam and Rotterdam became the preferred destinations for foreign investors, due to these large ports, other cities such as Utrecht, The Hague and Eindhoven have begun to attract the attention of most entrepreneurs in the past few years.

Those who want to start a business in Eindhoven should know that they have a lot of industries to choose from, including retail, food and beverage construction and manufacturing. Our Netherlands company formation Agents can provide information about Eindhoven business registration.

Why open a company in Eindhoven?
The last two years have been very good for Eindhoven, as the city registered an economic growth above the Dutch economy. In 2016, Eindhoven has a 3.6% economic increase, higher than those of the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Manufacturing was behind this significant growth.

As mentioned above, manufacturing is not the only industry that attracts foreign investors to Eindhoven, as many companies are building their own institutions here, which further attracts more employees. This led to the development of the real estate industry in Eindhoven.

As a location, Eindhoven is located in the south of the Netherlands and has access to the country's two largest rivers: Dommel and Gender. Those who want to do business in Eindhoven can explore the city's tourist area and set up a hotel or restaurant here.

Registered company in Eindhoven
Eindhoven's company registration process is similar to the company registration process in other parts of the country, which means choosing a structure and registering with the Dutch Trademarks Registry. After that, if certain permits are required, the company must be registered with the Eindhoven authorities. For example, a building permit must be signed with the municipality of Eindhoven.

The taxes imposed on the company will also be paid by the tax authorities of Eindhoven.

If you want to register for a company in Eindhoven and need help, you can rely on our Europe company formation agents. Please contact us to hold a meeting in Eindhoven.

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