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Company Formation in Hesse, Germany

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Germany is one of Europe's most important markets for foreign investment and the largest economy in the production of cars. Foreign investors can open a company in Hessen, Germany, and have many business perspectives in this area. It is important to know that most companies registered here carry out business activities in the service industry and manufacturing sector. Our team of company formation in Germany can help investors get more information about the Hessen company registration requirements.

Company registration process in Hessen

When opening a company in Hessen, investors are advised to receive assistance from local experts.

One of the main requirements for setting up a company in Hessen is the retention of the company name. The program is completed at the local Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, it is very important to choose a business form that is conducive to the establishment of a business plan.

The most popular company registered in Hessen is a limited liability company, which is the most common legal form registered in Germany. Those interested in the formation of German companies may establish other structures, as shown below.

Investors can also set up the following types of companies:

• stock company;
• General Partner;
• Limited partnership.

Investors need to draft the company's statutory documents, which will be signed in front of the notary public in Hessen. Our team of representatives in Germany can help merchants provide more information about the requirements of such documents.

Registered business registration


Another necessary step in the establishment of a German company is to register with the local business registry. This program is always processed through the office where the company is located.


Representatives of the Hessian Business Registry will ask investors to provide a set of documents containing an application form, including the notarized signature of the company's directors, and the notarized version of the company's charter.


In addition, companies should register for tax and value added tax (VAT).


Investors who are interested in setting up a company in Hessen can contact our German company agents for more information.

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