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How to set up an EU company in 1 week?

At times it’s quite hard for a business person sitting in India to fathom a though for trading in the world largest consumer region - Europe. People find it quite complex and tedious to even entertain a though of having their own company setup in Europe.

On Demand International is an Indo-EU focused Market Entry Specialist is committed to find solution business beyond borders. Our expert is assisting hundreds of businesses which are looking to expand and grow their sales in EU region.

EU as we all know consists of 27 member countries. Each country has it own set of laws on company structure, ownership rights and statutory compliance. We offer the gateway in European marketplace through the Netherlands or Holland. Holland lies in the heart of western Europe and boasts a tremendous business climate and world-class infrastructure. According to many business reports Holland is rated as one of the top ten place for doing business in the world.

We are European Company Formation Consultants have taken away the complexity in establishing your company and start trading freely in EU region. Following is a 3 simple step process to setup your company in Holland - The Gateway of Europe within 1 week of less:

  • Complete our easy online order form: Here you will be asked to fill out personal information such as suggested business name for Chamber of Commerce (COC) search, name and other credential of shareholders and initial capital.
  • Choose office location: Choose from our office partner location across Amsterdam and other major Dutch cities.
  • Notary: Once you have chosen the location and your name at COC is approved, we would send your apostilled original identity proofs for approval at COC authorized notary agent. The process is quicker in case of personal presence in Holland but the incorporation can be handled remotely.
  • Success: Congratulation! You now have your very own EU company with a registered office location.
In your quest to grow your business, On Demand International, Netherlands company formation agents is an ideal partner. Choose from our other support services such as Local Premium Representation and Account and Book Keeping Services.
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