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Company Formation in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Regardless of the type of Dutch company you choose to establish in Rotterdam, our Europe company formation agents will provide you with any information or advice. Choose a very simple way to do business in the Netherlands and benefit from the company formation services provided by our representatives. In addition, we also provide company formation services in Amsterdam.

Open a company in Rotterdam

The Netherlands offers many possibilities for business activities and can open many types of companies. Therefore, no matter what type of company you choose to open, our agents will provide company formation services. We can help you with the legal advice you need to open a Dutch BV company (ie a limited liability company in the Netherlands) and a partnership (such as a general partnership, a Dutch limited partnership or a professional partnership). We offer company formation services when opening a public liability company, as well as a branch or a subsidiary company in Amsterdam.

Complicated procedures for opening a company? Let us help you

Opening a company in any country is a difficult process because many documents are needed to get the legal documents needed to perform the business. Our company formation service is all the procedures required to assist in the establishment of a company in Rotterdam, such as drafting a company charter, filling out all the forms and documents required, and a sample signature.

We will guide you through all the specific steps an entrepreneur must follow to open a company in Rotterdam. You will have more time to focus on developing your business.

Our Netherlands company formation agent will help you from the first step, which means that if the name of the selected company is unique and available. This type of verification is conducted at the Chamber of Commerce. In addition, we will help you open a bank account and deposit a specific minimum share capital of the selected company type and explain how to file a notarization of the company registration contract.

We offer the possibility of opening a virtual office in Rotterdam

Entrepreneurs who have already established business in different cities in Rotterdam can establish a business in Rotterdam by opening a virtual office. Our company representatives represent the possibility of opening a virtual office so that you can start investigating whether the city is a good business opportunity.

Contact our International Market Entry Specialists who will provide you with Rotterdam's company formation services and help you do business in the Netherlands

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