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Company Formation in Saxony, Germany

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When opening a company in Saxony, Germany, traders must follow a legal process. Investors must reserve company names, register tax and social services, and establish a business office. From a legal point of view, when an investor drafts a company's statutory documents and the legal entity registers with the business registry, the process of European company formation begins. Our team of Germany Company Formation can form an in-depth introduction to each program.

Company Incorporation in Saxony

Entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Germany must register a transaction name with the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The availability of the name can be verified on the organization's online platform, but it can also be verified on the phone.

One of the most important aspects associated with registering a company in Saxony is the selection of a legal entity in which the company operates. Investors need to sign the company's statutory documents to explain the company's relevant information.

As a general rule, most companies will require a company charter and memorandum as a statutory document. The procedure was completed in front of a notary public in Saxony. In addition, it is necessary to know that the notary public in the German state of Saxony will impose various fees on their services. Our team of company formation in Germany can help when drafting company legal documents. Our specialist can also represent the businessmen when signing the documents in front of a public notary in Saxony.

Registered business registration

The procedure for establishing a company in Germany should then continue at the business registry of the company's operations. Therefore, the following documents must be submitted in the Commercial Registry:

• An application containing a notarized signature of the director;
• Notarized company charter;
• a contract involving the appointment of a company director;
• A list of company shareholder names;
• A statement stating that the minimum share capital has been deposited.

Please contact our expert team of company formation in Germany for more information related to the registration of a company in Saxony.

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