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Company Formation In Netherlands - Economical Price!!!

The Netherlands & You

Considering the establishment of the Dutch company, the Netherlands has long been the first choice for foreign investors. It has a stable and successful economy and trade and investment policies and is one of the most open policies in the world. This is why thousands of international companies do business in the Netherlands. For more information on the company's formation in the Netherlands, please contact us to find out how to join them.

What does the formation of a Dutch company mean in practice?

The Netherlands has a loose tax system, including a generous participation exemption, in which dividends received and capital gains realized are exempt from Dutch corporate income tax. The country also has a broad network of double taxation agreements. There are many other aspects of Dutch tax law, but expert advice is needed to successfully solve complex problems. We can help you get in touch with our local tax planning experts to get all the support you need.

What are the main types of Dutch BV Company incorporation?

There are four major forms of Dutch company formation as shown below:

Public Limited Company (NV)
Private Limited Company (BV)

We are International Market Entry specialist in Dutch BV company formation assisting entrepreneurs and business man to expand in European market and everything you need to know about living, working, travelling and doing business in the Netherlands, our team of experts will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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