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Company formation in the Netherlands - See how easy it is

Extending your business to the Netherlands may be a logical step in the context of an international growth strategy. This plan is often overlooked or too difficult for different reasons. Due to its stable industrial environment and progressive economy, the Netherlands is a favorable business destination for investors. Almost a third of Dutch foreign investors have established a company in the private sector, mainly in manufacturing. However, the motor industry and engineering products, chemicals, oil and construction are also quite developed. The capital, Amsterdam, is known for its start-ups. Despite this, due to the close relationship between the Netherlands and the rest of the world, the Netherlands is very attractive to the formation of the company. We can help you with your business in the Netherlands. On Demand International is experienced in establishing Dutch BV companies such as BV ('Besloten Vennootschap') or other Dutch legal entities.

Netherlands is a preferred choice for business setup for entrepreneurs for the following reasons:

  • The tax structure in the Netherlands is simple, because everything can be done online and all tax requirements can be resolved in less than 5 days.
  • The Netherlands is one of the easiest countries to do business.
  • Easy to open corporate bank accounts in the Netherlands, with lowest maintenance costs in all European Union (EU)
  • The Dutch standard of living and literacy is one of the best in the world and one of the least corrupt countries.
Why Us?
Netherlands Company Formation are organized to provide modern facilities, advanced regulatory systems and free trade barriers. Business Setup Worldwide helps merchants, entrepreneurs and investors build their own companies in the Netherlands through consulting, accounting and bookkeeping, and intellectual property services. We guide you through the company's formation and keep your business goals at the heart of our ecosystem.
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