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Company Formation Services in Berlin

Foreign investors interested in opening a company in Berlin should be familiar with local procedures and apply to the registration of new companies. If you need to be represented during the company registration process, our company formation specialists in Berlin can provide you with company formation services, refer to the drafting of the company charter, the documents that the founding partner must submit to the local authorities or comply with the local tax system.

The European company formation services provided by our experts also include services such as company office registration or corporate bank account opening.
Type of company in Berlin

Entrepreneurs who want to set up a company in Berlin can choose from a number of legal entities based on the capital available to the company or the risks and responsibilities that the partner wants to take. German law provides for the following legal entities:

Limited Liability Company - GesellschaftmitbeschränkterHaftung (GmbH) is the most common commercial company in Germany because legal entities provide few obligations to shareholders. The limited liability company requires a share capital of at least €25,000, half of which should be deposited in the bank account at the time of registration;

The joint stock company - Aktiengesellschaft (AG) must have at least one shareholder whose liability is limited to the company's share capital; the minimum share capital of the AG company is 50,000 euros;

General Partnership - Offene Handelsgesellschaft (OHG) requires at least two founding partners to assume unlimited liability for corporate debt; OHG does not require minimum equity;

Limited Partnership - Kommanditgesellschaft (KG) must have at least two partners with different responsibilities. One of the partners must assume unlimited liability while the other party limits its liability for the value of the shares owned by the company;

The partnership established under the Civil Code - GesellschaftdesbürgerlichenRechts (GbR) requires two partners to take responsibility for the company with their own assets.

Company formation process in Berlin

Those interested in setting up a company in Berlin should follow several steps in order to merge companies here. The founding partner should retain the company name, which is done by the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry. After the company name is confirmed, the future company's charter must be notarized at the local notary office. The company charter will be further submitted to the business registration office.

You need to open a company bank account, and you must deposit the minimum share capital according to the legal entity you choose. Companies must also be registered with the Labor Office, Health and Insurance Services, the Tax Office or the Trade Office; our Germany Company Formation Consultants can assist you throughout the registration process and can help you comply with local government rules and regulations.

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