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The Netherlands

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As one of the world's most cabled countries, the Netherlands is a hotspot for leading information and communication technology companies in Europe.

IT leader chooses the Netherlands

Holland's state-of-the-art 100% digital advanced fiber optic network and competitive business environment provide strong support for startups and global IT companies. In fact, 60% of Forbes companies in the IT industry have established operations in the Netherlands.

IT company's unparalleled resources

With one of the world's per capita broadband penetration rates of -99% - and one of the fastest average broadband speeds in the world, Holland's IT infrastructure is one of the best in the world. In addition, we have one of the largest network security clusters and one of Europe's most advanced data center markets – not to mention world-class R&D facilities and logistics.

Infrastructure - Make the Netherlands a smart choice for any IT business operations.

History of Innovation

How to open a company in the Netherlands?

If you are not a local and you don't know the language, starting a company in the Netherlands may require extra effort. Of course, this should not be an obstacle to expanding the chances of opening a company in the Netherlands. Our company provides you with the help you need to start and maintain your business.

We have assisted many foreigners in successfully completing the process of starting a company in the Netherlands. We ensure that the company's formation is in accordance with local rules. When possible, On Demand International will serve and try to obtain relevant subsidies and permits.

Are you not sure what legal form is best for your company? If you want to open a company in the Netherlands, we can oblige you by clarifying the debts and taxes due to different entities.

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