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Dutch agriculture and food industry.

Due to its innovative agri-food technology, the Netherlands is one of the world's largest exporters of agriculture and food. The Dutch agricultural industry is a sustainable source of healthy and safe food, produced on the basis of respect for nature and the environment.

An Agrifood Powerhouse

Next to the US global agricultural/food export, the Netherlands has more than 5,300 companies in this critical area – from farm to fork.

Driven by world-class food innovation research institutes, medical schools and numerous public-private partnerships between science, industry and government, the Netherlands ranks second in private R&D investment in the European agriculture/food sector.

The Netherlands is Europe's long trade crossroads and a smart choice for looking for pan-European operations – from European headquarters, shared service centers, customer service centers, distribution and logistics operations, to R&D facilities.

Provide sustainable and healthy food

As the world rapidly urbanizes, as people move from rural to urban areas, urban areas are under increasing pressure to provide sustainable and healthy food supplies. Food security is critical to economic performance and social well-being. This means taking into account solutions to problems such as animal welfare, food safety, waste disposal and housing, as well as governance, education and fair society. Due to the small population of small low-lying deltas with small land areas, Dutch farms are the most dense, sustainable and efficient farms in the world.

Due to its rich agricultural knowledge, fertile soil, intensive agriculture, agricultural product quality and trade expertise, Dutch agricultural products are exported to all parts of the world. This applies to plant-based agricultural products as well as animal products such as livestock, poultry (meat) and eggs.

When you are in the agriculture and food industries, the Netherlands is just five reasons:

  • The world's leading exporter of agricultural products and innovation leader
  • The Netherlands has a mild climate, fertile soil, fertile land and a good location in the heart of Europe.
  • Successfully updated agricultural production chain
  • Support the Global Food Security Alliance
  • Focus on environmental protection and sustainable development

Open a Company in Agriculture in the Netherlands

Foreign investors who came to the Netherlands received a lot of money from agriculture. Their investment has made the Netherlands one of the world's largest producers of agricultural products. It is estimated that agricultural companies and small farms generate about 65 billion euros a year for the Netherlands' gross domestic product. The main law governing agriculture is the Dutch Food and Drug Law.

Our Netherlands company formation consultants can provide information about the laws of the agricultural sector.

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