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Dutch Business Investment Opportunities


Agri-Food Business-: This is one of the thriving sectors in the Netherlands. It involves agriculture and manufacturing. You can make anything from bottled jams to canned fruits and drinks.

You can build your own small farmland and then use the farm's harvest to make food that can be exported or sold locally. There is no need for a farm; even having your own farm can help reduce production costs. If you don't want to do all the dirty work in agriculture yourself, you can still start with farmers' bulk purchases.


Logistics / Transportation Business: The Netherlands has many import and export businesses. These companies need to transport goods from the port to their place of business to some extent, or in turn need a transport contractor to ship the goods for them.

In addition, you can also carry out construction and transportation, where you can help people in the ongoing construction project to ship their items to their construction sites. You can also start providing mobile services to help people move properties, furniture and other items from one place to another.

Creative Art

Creative Art - This is especially useful for people who don't have much money. You can make money by creating and selling small things like jewelry, pet clothing, shopping bags, flip-flops, hats and more. You can sell these products on the Internet or provide them to shopkeepers who sell extra profits.

Child-Care Centre-: We all love our children and hope they have the ability when we are not there or when we are busy with work. This is why the child care center is very important. You can set up a standard childcare centre or start at home. It doesn't matter how you get started; what's important is that you can take care of the children entrusted to your care.


Cinema-: After a hard day's work, or maybe a hard work week, we all need to play and recharge. Cinemas are one of the places where people can relax; bring their spouse or girlfriend to a very good destination for family outings. Doing business in the Netherlands is definitely a a very good location, you will not regret it.

Home Food Delivery

Home Food Delivery-: Not everyone can cook, and many people who can cook have no time. Many people rely on fast food and restaurants for daily dining. Now imagine that these people have access to food. They can bring food to them in a comfortable home and office without having to move an inch. This is a tens of thousands of services because it provides convenience and ease.

I.T Gadget Sale and Repairs

I.T Gadget Sales and Repairs-: Look around you. Almost everyone you see has a cell phone. Now, the phone won't last forever and needs to be replaced and repaired. Even if they do, everyone wants to use the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung series; this provides space for phone sellers to make money.

Online Sales

Online sales - : You can also set up an online store to sell anything you want from clothes, gadgets and even services. The benefit of this business is that location is not a limiting factor, as anyone anywhere in the world can visit it.

Pet Trainer

Pet Trainer - : We all like pets, but many of us have not experienced the pressure of training, especially in compliance. You can make a lot of money by helping people train their pets.

Building Cleaning Servives

Building Cleaning Services - : You can also make money by helping people remove waste and clean up construction sites.

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