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Dutch BV Company Incorporation

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Setup Dutch BV In 3 Steps

Setup Dutch B.V.

The Dutch Besloten Vennootschap (also known as private limited liability company ) is the most popular form of business in the country. Dutch B.V. is equivalent to German limited liability company and American limited liability company. Taking into account the new revisions brought about by the company law, the Dutch B.V.'s registration procedures have been simplified. When starting a business in the Netherlands, B.V. is also the most employed structure type.

Requirements for incorporating a Dutch B.V.

In terms of ownership structure, B.V. must have at least one shareholder, which can be a natural person or a legal person. The new “Company Law” in the Netherlands allows a limited liability company to have a shareholder who can also act as a manager. The “Company Law” only requires the founder to issue a voting share. Dutch B.V. must have a local address.

Before the Dutch B.V. registration, the company contract and the company charter must be drafted before the notary. These documents will be provided in Dutch and contain information about shareholders, management committees, registered addresses and authorized share capital. The company charter must also contain a brief description of the Dutch B.V. business activities.

Main steps to incorporate Dutch B.V.

The first step related to the establishment of the Dutch B.V. is the drafting and notarization of the company's statutory documents. The next steps that must be taken are:

  • reserve a company name, which must be unique and must comply with the legal requirements imposed by the Commercial Law;
  • submit the deed of incorporation and the articles of association with the Trade Registrar,
  • obtain a registration number with the Commercial Register in the Netherlands,
  • register with the tax authorities (the registration must be done for obtaining a tax identification number and a VAT number),
  • register with the social security authorities and with the pension fund for employment purposes.

Licenses for Dutch B.V.

One of the most important steps which must be completed when opening a B.V. in the Netherlands is applying for certain licenses and permits. Among these licenses we mention the following:

  • An integrated business license issued by the city or city where the company is located;
  • Useful import and export licenses for B.V. involved in trading activities;
  • financial licenses employed by financial industry companies, as well as financial licenses in other areas such as cryptocurrency;
  • Other special licenses issued by specific authorities, depending on B.V. activities - these food and alcohol licenses are required for operation in the food and beverage industry.

B.V. Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join B.V. without visiting the Netherlands?

Yes. Foreign investors can hire a company to conduct private visits on their behalf without having to visit the Dutch B.V. in person. However, this type of formation does mean a slightly different process.

Can anyone build B.V. regardless of where they are located?

Yes. The Netherlands is very open to foreign investment. Anyone in any country can become a shareholder of Holland Ltd. However, to become a resident company (with local substances), investors must comply with certain requirements.

Can I build an anonymous Dutch B.V.?

Some Dutch structures do maintain privacy. In this regard, please refer to your options related to the creation of the Dutch Foundation and nominated directors.

Why should I join the Dutch B.V.?

The main reasons why business people choose Dutch B.V. entities are:

1) Tax benefits: The Netherlands is a good choice when it comes to conducting businesses in the EU and the world. It can legally reduce your tax burden.

2) Good local market: The Netherlands is one of the most prosperous regions in the world and offers a local market with great potential.

3) Excellent transportation network: The Netherlands may be the most important port and transportation hub in Europe.

Can I open a Dutch bank account?

Yes, our company can help you open a Dutch bank account and/or bank account in other countries around the world.

Do you assist with ongoing company management?

Yes, our company is a Netherlands trust company regulated by the Dutch Central Bank. As a result, we can help you with the ongoing activities of your Dutch B.V. company management, accounting, local substance.

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