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Dutch Manufacturers, Confident About its Business Growth

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In November 2015, the Dutch Statistical Office provided data on Dutch producers' optimism; the information released was based on a study conducted by the European Commission. The study shows that at the European level, most manufacturers show negative confidence indicators. However, few states report positive confidence indicators; the countries with optimistic prospects for manufacturers are the Netherlands, Sweden, Slovenia and Hungary.

Manufacturer's optimistic European background

In 2015, most European countries reported lower producer confidence; in the European Union (EU), the average producer confidence index was -3,5, indicating a negative trend for local businesses.

Although Dutch producers' confidence in the past decade is negative (-3,1), compared to the average measured by the EU during the same period, it is -5,9, and the Netherlands shows better conditions for local producers. . In November 2015, the Dutch producer confidence index reached a positive value of 2; our Dutch BV company formation experts can provide you with an in-depth introduction of economic regulations, providing manufacturers with good business prospects.
At the level of 2015, the most negative producer confidence indicator was registered in Greece and Poland, which have reported values of -16,6 and -11,5.

Producer's confidence in the Netherlands

From the perspective of producer confidence indicators, the Netherlands may represent a good place of business for foreign investors interested in manufacturing operations.

The producer confidence indicator includes three factors:

  • Order books from local producers;
  • Finished goods inventory;
  • The production period is expected to be three months.

Dutch manufacturers are also more confident about expected production than the European average; if you are interested in Netherlands Company Formation, you should also consider this.

If you want to find out more information on the Dutch business environment available for manufacturing companies, please contact our Holland Company Formation Consultants.

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