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Europe's Largest Startup Ecosystem

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Recognized internationally for its open culture and emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, the Netherlands is home to a vibrant, collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem. In fact, according to the European Digital Forum 2016 Entrepreneurship Country Scoreboard, the Dutch entrepreneurial business environment ranks first in the European Union.

The Netherlands' unparalleled digital infrastructure, highly educated, technically savvy, English-speaking workforce and open corporate business culture provide an attractive and supportive test market for new businesses.

In the 2017 European Innovation Scoreboard, the EU ranked fourth, the Netherlands has more than 10 leading innovation centers, and startups benefit from world-class incubators and R&D facilities

As of 2015, the new regulations allow ambitious entrepreneurs outside the EU to apply for a temporary residence permit in the Netherlands. The so-called “starting visa” provides entrepreneurs with an ambitious entrepreneur for a year. The prerequisite is that this startup must be directed by an experienced instructor based in the Netherlands. A year later, start-up entrepreneurs may extend their residence permit period based on the Dutch government's self-employment plan.

The Dutch government also offers tax incentives to promote R&D and innovation, making the Netherlands one of the best value for European startups.

We are Holland company formation specialists based in Amsterdam. If you are interested in opening a company in the Netherlands, please contact us immediately to find out the price, conditions and paperwork. We are here to serve you, and our offshore company Formation consultants will help you with your business as soon as possible.

Why start-up companies and scale expansion choose the Netherlands?

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