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Europe's Leading Chemical Trading Hub

A strong industry leading to Europe

The Netherlands has the fourth largest chemical industry in Europe. The combination of Rotterdam Port, good infrastructure, top universities and qualified personnel has attracted many of the world's largest chemical companies.

Pioneer in the world

The Netherlands is one of the world's top companies in basic chemistry, biotechnology, food ingredients, coatings, and high-performance materials. The chemical industry provides more than 15% of Dutch exports, exceeding Japan's exports.

Driven by innovation

Our chemical industry is a leading innovator with an annual investment of 750 million euros for research and development, which is one-fifth of the national industrial research and development.

Networking with neighbors

The Port of Rotterdam and the pipeline connect the chemical production centers in Belgium, Germany, and northern France, ensuring that the Dutch industry is part of a strong cluster of North West Europe.

Clustering in the regions

The Netherlands is a relatively small and easy-to-manage country with an excellent network of energy supply pipelines for roads, railways, waterways, telecommunications and connected production areas.

Opportunities for growth

The Netherlands is one of Europe's leading suppliers of chemical products and services. In 2018, the value of Dutch chemicals exports was approximately 96 billion euros. With more than 2,000 leading chemical companies in the Netherlands, the Netherlands is spread across eight major chemical industry clusters, covering the world's leading chemical exporters throughout the supply chain. The Netherlands has 19 of the world's top 25 chemical companies, including BASF, Akzo Nobel, Dow Chemical, SABIC.

The Netherlands is a smart choice to locate your pan-European operation — Your company can benefit from a superior logistics infrastructure, an innovative R&D ecosystem, a welcoming international business climate, and highly integrated chemical production sites that allow for safe, stable and sustainable manufacturing.

Now kick-start your exciting journey of BUSINESS SUCCESS in EU by having your own company in the heart of Europe within 7-10 working days*.

Benefits of a Netherlands Company formation

  • Only €1  capital required to open a company. 
  • 100% foreign national ownership.
  • Most Economical startup and running cost.
  • Sell locally as a European company.
  • Fast & Simple procedure.
  • All trading & business allowed (retail/distribution/import/export/manufacturing) 
  • Win Trust & Confidence of your customers.
  • Stepping Stone for Entrepreneur Residency.

About On Demand International - European Company Formation Consultants

On Demand International is a trading name for Goods on Demand B.V. A company registered in The Netherlands under chambers of commerce registration number 70188939. On Demand International is an EU based market-entry specialist advisory company. The company's mission is to assist purpose-driven companies to 'expand beyond borders'. Our global offices are based in Amsterdam (Holland), Gurgaon (India) and Lisbon (Portugal).

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