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European Company Formation & Expansion

A unique one-stop shop – we’ll guide you through the entire process

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Opening a European company may be the most profitable business decision in your history, but it must be done properly, have a thorough understanding of the local market, and have a perfect focus on the details.

Our team of experts understands Europe just like their backs. They focus on the complex areas of European company formation and company registration. They have the knowledge and connections to ensure that your European company is building projects that run smoothly from start to finish.

At On Demand International we offer a full turnkey service for Company Formation in Europe, which includes:

  • Company incorporation in more than twenty European countries
  • Wide range of Company Incorporation packages available
  • Bank accounts, nominee directors and office services
  • Tax planning, offshore trusts and companies
  • Managed services and business consultancy

We also offer things that money can't buy - you know you're dealing with a company's registered professionals and are well versed in a successful business in Europe, and you'll get peace of mind, protection and confidence.

Our international market entry experts are familiar with every detail of the entire European company law. Our local lawyers and accountants are among the best in their field and are carefully selected for their professionalism, reliability and integrity.

So you don't have to spend an hour and an hour to master the company registration law, expand the scope of paperwork or try to recruit someone you can trust - we have done this for you!

To build experience and networks with our European companies, or to understand how we can help you take the first step toward a European company, please contact us further information on our range of company incorporation packages.

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