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European Energy: Become Smart Dutch BV multi-purpose company

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Do you want to start a business in the Netherlands because you have a good idea or don't want to work for the boss at all? Then the Netherlands, with its international vision, is a good place to start your own business.

European Energy Center

With its advanced policies and affinity for an innovative and forward-looking, environmentally conscious population, the Netherlands is a leader in maritime, renewable and smart energy. The Netherlands is committed to strengthening its position in the global energy industry, providing world-class R&D facilities and outstanding incentive programs to support and stimulate energy innovation.

Offshore Energy

A strategic location in the North Sea, the Netherlands is home to oil giants and maritime engineering multinationals, serving the North Sea continental shelf, far beyond its reach. The Port of Rotterdam is Europe's largest port and plays an important role in the success of offshore energy in the Netherlands, with one of the world's largest refinery and chemical clusters. Through labor training institutions such as the Energy Delta Institute, the Netherlands has also become the best engineering talent in some energy fields in Europe.

Renewable energy

The Dutch government offers a variety of competitive incentives to stimulate energy innovation and promote the use of renewable energy. As a result, the Netherlands has strengthened its leading position in renewable energy research and development, especially in wind turbine technology.

Smart Energy: The Dutch government has invested heavily in smart grid innovations and solutions to promote the development of electric vehicles and smart energy technologies.

If you wish to open a new business in the Netherlands or wish to expand your existing business through a branch or subsidiary, On Demand International in the Netherlands can provide you with other valuable information about the Dutch investment environment.

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