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Expand your Handicraft business in the European market

Handicrafts are innovative products that are manufactured through the process without the help of modern machinery and equipment. Today, handmade products are seen as fashion declarations and luxury goods. India's rich cultural heritage and centuries of evolutionary traditions are reflected in various handicrafts throughout the country. Handicrafts are a mirror that shapes the cultural characteristics of ethnic minorities. Indian-made handicrafts, such as Kashmir wool rugs, Zari embroidery fabrics, clay and ceramics, and silk fabrics, have a long history and maintain their uniqueness. In ancient times, these handicrafts were exported to Europe, Africa, West Asia and the Far East through the Silk Road. All the wealth of timeless Indian handicrafts has survived for a long time. These handicrafts are attractive to Indian culture. This Indian culture is unique, aesthetic, dignified and styled.

Indian handicrafts can be broadly divided into three categories: folk crafts, religious crafts and commercial crafts. Popular folk crafts that have been transformed according to market demand have become commercial handicrafts. Many handicrafts have been produced for various ceremonies and ceremonies related to the religious beliefs of different ethnic groups in India. Some handicrafts that are basically used for religious purposes are also loved by people for their aesthetic value.


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