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Explore European Market with On Demand International

Strategy Consulting (Market Research)

On Demand International does comprehensive strategy consulting and opportunity assessment in leading European Markets. Our expert team have an enormous depth of experience to asses and assist in your next BOLD move.

We help you make your next BOLD move to Europe

On Demand International is an expert at providing an in depth analysis

Europe Company Formation

Partner Search

  • We understand that finding the right partner.
  • At the exploration stage, we can help you find the right channel and sales partner in Europe.
Partner Search

If you see opportunities in European markets, the Dutch government will be happy to help you achieve your ambitions. Because your success also reflects well on the Netherlands. It doesn't matter whether you are a startup or an old hand on the international market. Or whether you are involved in trade, investment or innovation. Our international market entry specialist is there to assist you Company Formation in Europe

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