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Extend your business to Europe

If you are an international businessman who wants to expand your business to Europe, then building a Dutch BV company may be one of the best solutions. By setting up your European base in the Netherlands, you can enjoy the lowest corporate tax rates, Schengen visas, instant VAT numbers, and low business costs.

Europe's lowest corporate tax
The Dutch corporate tax relates to the profit tax earned by the Netherlands for the company. In general, Dutch companies' global profits will be subject to a 25% corporate tax ("vennootschapsbelasting").

Schengen visa

The Netherlands is a member of the Schengen area and the European Union. Depending on your purpose of travelling to the Netherlands, different types of visas are available for this occasion. Whether you are planning to visit, study or live in the Netherlands, you must apply for a different Dutch Schengen visa.

If you operate in the Netherlands or operate a foreign company with a Dutch branch, you may need to pay a turnover tax (VAT) in the Netherlands. This also applies if your company is established abroad but does business in the Netherlands. In all cases, you will need a VAT number, also known as a VAT Id.

Affordable cost of living

The Netherlands provides a quality living environment and a quality life. There are a variety of properties to choose from, although the rental price is slightly higher than other European countries, but far below the capital of European countries such as London or Paris. If you choose to buy instead of renting, if your property is used as the primary residence and you are registered as a resident taxpayer, the interest on the mortgage can be fully deducted from your income tax return.

More importantly, Dutch expatriates have a special tax system - 30% ruling - to provide a large amount of income tax relief (up to 30%) over a period of up to 96 months. Employers can also refund certain fees, including international tuition fees, relocation fees and relocation allowances, up to a certain amount. This is seen as a reimbursement for the extra cost of living abroad.

Fast and easy European company Incorporation

A pro-business climate, competitive tax structure, multilingual workforce and superior infrastructure are just some of the many advantages of doing business in the Netherlands. European Company Formation only takes 1-7 business days.

To Start the Procedure

Once your B.V company is incorporated, we can also assist you in procuring a business visa for the Netherlands as part of this service. We provide you up to 2 business formal invitation letters. In this service, we also provide visa documents checklist, fill up the visa application on your behalf, make appointments at your preferred and available dates at the closest visa appointment center, provide general guidance.
To Start the Procedure We will require the following documents and information to begin the process.

  • Passport copy of each Director/Shareholder. 
  • Proof of the address (e.g. utility bill) of each director and the shareholder. 
  • Completed DataForm.

About On Demand International

On Demand International is the official trade name for Goods On Demand BV, kvk registration no. 70188939 . Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we are a global 'Market Entry Specialist' company that is fully focused on non-resident companies and startups. We specialize in supporting and guiding entrepreneurs from all over the world to setup and grow their companies in Western Europe, UAE, North America and India. On Demand International's unique Single Delivery Platform helps businesses to enter new markets with complete confidence. We always standby our commitment of 'Delivering Solutions Beyond Borders'.

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