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Five reasons to do business in the Netherlands

Europe's ideal trial market

The Netherlands has 16 million inhabitants and is a very small country compared to its European neighbours. However, due to its size and manageability, foreign companies tend to use it as a pilot market for the European Union (EU).

International orientation

Due to its geographical location in Europe, the Dutch BV company formation has carried out a large number of businesses with countries such as Germany and Netherlands, the major economies of Europe. Companies usually first enter the Netherlands and then use these and networks as "spring plates" for these big markets. The Netherlands has a wide range of experienced importers, sales agents and distributors who are well versed in international trade. The workforce is highly motivated, usually multilingual, and proficient in English, well-educated and international.

World leader in various industries

The Netherlands is a world leader in many business sectors:

  • Environmental technology
  • Life sciences and biotechnology
  • Information and communication technology
  • Expertise in the energy sector
  • Advanced Logistics / Infrastructure
  • Seeds, bulbs and seedlings

The Netherlands is a leader in research and development in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). Dutch engineers have made many important developments, especially Bluetooth and WiFi. Dutch companies continue to innovate and develop new scientific and technological solutions, especially in the areas of food safety, energy consumption and environmental protection.

Hub & Spokes’ in Europe

Its world-class transportation infrastructure and distribution networks make the Netherlands an ideal location from which to reach your European customers.

Safe & Stable Business Environment

The political environment in the Netherlands is stable. Proactive government policies, effective governance and little corruption create an environment where foreign companies are able to conduct business in a safe and secure manner.

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