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Founding company in the Dutch horticulture industry

The Dutch horticultural industry has set global trends and has provided the global supply market with a leading edge in innovative greenhouse technology. The Netherlands is an undeniable leader in the international market for plants, plant propagation materials, cut flowers and bulbs, and ranks third in exporting horticultural nutrition products. The country is the center of a global network of decorative trees, bulbs, flowers and fruit and vegetable production.

Five reasons why the Netherlands is leading in the supply of trees, plants and flowers in the world

Developments in the field of Green Genomics

The Netherlands is one of the leaders in green genomics. The aim of this scientific field is to provide safe and sustainable production, higher yields, altered taste or design, and plant disease resistance. TTI Green Genetics and Plant Research International are leading institutions in this field.

A variety of shrubs and trees

The various shrubs and trees produced in the Netherlands are unparalleled. A strong national market provides support for the industry. Holland is also leading the way in research and development and trade related to tissue culture, propagation materials, seedlings and seeds.

Initial innovation

The Netherlands uses a unique approach to R&D to achieve innovation: the government works closely with research institutes and companies to develop the “Golden Triangle” to complete projects and projects related to innovation. Some examples of good innovations are smart greenhouses floating on the water, robots, mobile platforms, energy-efficient lighting and water and waste recycling. Glass greenhouses consume less electricity than they produce and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The famous greenhouses in the Netherlands: Glass City

Modern Dutch greenhouses have produced about 10% of Dutch electricity by combining electricity and heat. The country is known for its creative greenhouse cultivation solutions and unparalleled scale of production. With a greenhouse area of ​​more than 60 square kilometers, it looks like a glass city, and their environmental impact is relatively low. The goal of the effort is to promote technologies and concepts that adapt to climate and energy efficiency changes.


Logistics hub and quality production

The port of Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam are the most important logistics hubs in the country. Holland is conveniently located in the heart of Europe, with easy access to 500 million consumers on the African continent. In addition, the development of access to high-quality agricultural products has given the horticultural sector global recognition. The Netherlands has established an effective supply chain that will deliver fresh cut flowers to New York in less than a day.

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