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Four benefits of doing business in the EU

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Although the EU has existed as a single market for some time since its official announcement in January 1993, we still get a lot of inquiries to explain what the European market can offer to those who want to start business in Europe. Since from an entrepreneur's perspective, there are unique opportunities associated with the EU's single market, we decided to compile them into a list:
The world's largest single market

According to the International Monetary Fund, the EU is a larger economic zone than the United States and Japan, with 500 million customers and a gross domestic product of about 16.2 trillion euros (nominal value). This makes it the largest economy in the world. The 28 member states of the European Union include some of the wealthiest countries in the world and are a huge market for goods and services. It also gives you access to a large supplier source.

Single currency

Using a single euro currency, doing business in the euro zone is more cost effective and less risky.


One of the main purposes of creating a single European market is the free movement of people, goods, services and capital between all 28 member states of the European Union. You can choose to offer services in another EU country without having to set it up permanently here. If you comply with professional or trade rules that apply to an EU country, you can provide these services anywhere else in the EU.

Set of rules

A major benefit of a single market is that companies only need to deal with a set of rules rather than 28 different rules when exporting or operating to multiple EU member states. All of this leads to bureaucracy, paperwork and reduced costs. To help Europe's single market, the EU has also taken steps to coordinate corporate law throughout Europe. This helps to ensure that:

  • Easier to get funding
  • Clearer, more effective legislation
  • Protect shareholders, creditors and employees
  • Reduce the administrative burden of the company

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