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German Automotive Electronics Industry

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The automotive electronics industry is an important industry that offers many business opportunities, which is a growing area in Germany. Traders who want to open a company in Germany in this area should know that the global demand for products in the automotive electronics industry, such as automotive semiconductors, has increased over the past few years. The German Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association announced that forecasts related to the field have shown steady growth over the next few years, estimated at 4.5% per year. Our German company can provide legal assistance for the registration requirements of the car company.

German automotive industry

The electronics industry has become an integral part of the automotive industry, as manufacturers have been interested in producing cars that contain electronics and software equipment over the past few decades. Currently, electronic and software devices represent an important aspect of the vehicle manufacturing process. The industry has become very important. In this sense, the German Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association added that by the end of 2016, 80% of car production will include equipment that connects vehicles to external data points of the car.

Those interested in opening a car sector in Germany should know that the state is one of the world's top automakers. In addition, Germany is a top producer of automotive electronics, and automotive semiconductor products have also grown accordingly. In this sense, we mention that the market has grown by 89% since 2000. Investors can learn more about the investment opportunities in the automotive market from our German company Formation agents.

German car production

The German car production industry is very important to the local economy because it is the largest economic sector. In 2015, the total profit of the automotive industry was 404 billion euros. In addition, Germany is the most important car manufacturer in Europe.

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