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German Entrepreneurship and Investment

Germany is one of the most attractive investment locations in the world.

In the past few years, Germany has attracted more investors from abroad. “Germany is a safe haven in Europe and one of the fastest growing industrial countries, attractive to investors,” Achim Hartig said in a study of German foreign business and the company's “German Trade and Trade Association”. Investment (GTAI)".

In addition, good infrastructure, superior location in Central Europe and well-trained experts are the reasons for scoring. "Our research environment is a solid reason for Germany."

On Demand International has been legally representing overseas investors for many years and has so far helped many companies achieve their business projects in Germany. Our biggest advantage is that we can provide you with more than just Germany company formation. In addition, we provide an established process for investors and corporate founders and their families to obtain a residence permit.

On Demand International has an important asset that represents almost exclusively international clients. We have extensive expertise in different legal areas of cross-cultural clients and multinational companies. Therefore, we are fully capable of answering all your questions in the connected field, such as labor and corporate law, social and family law, and real estate. With us, you will get the best legal advice, which goes far beyond the immigration law.

A focused service awareness is critical to the company as it processes each case. Personal contacts with a legal background will personally handle your issue and will usually respond to your questions within one business day.

If you are interested in doing business in Germany please feel free to contact us by email. We are happy to provide specific services based on your needs.

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