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Germany, becoming the entrepreneurial center of technology companies

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Germany is slowly starting to build itself into a technology company's entrepreneurial center, and some may even say that the country will soon compete with established centers such as London and even Silicon Valley. Since ancient times, this sense of innovation has always existed in Germany and has helped other industries grow and develop. To name a few, we can refer to biotechnology and sustainable energy. Our German Company Formation team highlights the country's most important advantages for technology start-ups.

2017 set up a fund record for technology startups

Last year, Germany achieved a record level of innovation and technology entrepreneurship. Overall, the top 100 German startups operating in this business area raised a total of $8.5 billion. Berlin is still the country's entrepreneurial capital, followed by Hamburg, Munich and Düsseldorf. The list of business types is long, but to name a few, we can mention music streaming, car retail platforms, food distribution services, big data technology, online retail, mobile games, travel search engines, content publishing and a few financial technology industries. enterprise.

The types of funds in the technology industry refer to direct financing, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and types of investors include corporate and financial investors.

Advanced technology vs emerging technologies

Germany has a place in the tech startup market because of its bet on advanced technology. We can also mention that the Germans have proven their value in many fields, including advanced science and technology, but not so much in areas including emerging technologies. Blockchain is an example, with fewer companies in this niche business area in Germany. Fortunately, this is changing and foreign investors are helping to transform. Based on the total number of foreign startups and foreign employees working in startups, Berlin is growing to compete with the mighty Silicon Valley.

Foreign investors interested in exploring the options available in Germany can contact our European Company Formation Specialist.

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