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Germany has the largest trade surplus in the world

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Germany has succeeded in creating the world's largest trade surplus. According to the data from the Ifo Institute of Economics in Munich, this is not the first year of successful implementation in the country, which has achieved a surplus of about $299 billion this year. This is an important indicator of the country’s economic situation. The biggest deficit is recorded in the United States. German trade is a business area that welcomes foreign investors, and our European Company Formation team can help entrepreneurs in Berlin or other cities.

The third year trade surplus is the largest

The 2018 trade surplus recorded by Germany is mainly due to the country’s exports to the EU and other destinations in the world. The strong demand in the Eurozone is part of the reason for this. Similarly, by 2015, Germany’s international investment has increased compared to Germany’s investment in other countries.

Some of the highest performing export sectors are the automotive industry, with a focus on German autos, beverages and industrial equipment exports. Experts believe that this clearly demonstrates the popularity of German products and their overall appeal not only in the EU market but also in other areas. In the report submitted by the Ifo Economic Research Institute, Germany was seconded to Japan, followed by the Netherlands.

Trading in Germany

Germany has one of the largest and most powerful markets in Europe, offering a range of opportunities for investment and diversification.

Our Germany company formation team can provide you with complete details on the laws governing foreign investment and the laws relating to investors wishing to enter the country's manufacturing industry.

We are International Market Entry Specialist can assist investors who are interested in opening a company in Germany. Contact us for more information and legal advice.

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