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Germany`s export market dominates the economy in Europe

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The German economy continues to be the most important economy in Europe. One out of every five dollars generated by the EU comes from the German industrial sector. Other factors affecting the economic strength of Germany are regional trade, manufacturing and exports. Before deciding to invest in the local economy, it is advisable to consult an International Market Entry Specialist.

German exports lead to economic growth in Europe

Germany has some of the most admired world brands, including BMW, Bosh or Siemens. These German companies produce a wide range of quality products such as automotive, mechanical, electronic and chemical products. Germany is the only country in Europe that accounts for 10% of the region's exports and maintains a very developed trading network around the world. The German economy is also the biggest contributor to the EU budget, which translates into a rule over the euro zone. This strong economy has always attracted new foreign investors seeking to enter the German market, especially in exporting regions. Our Germany Company Formation Consultants can provide further information about the country's import and export legislation.

Germany's top ten export products

Since the economic crisis in 2009, Germany has exported goods worth 1.339 trillion. 70% of the total value of global shipments comes from German exports. One-third of Germany’s total economic output comes from the export activities of companies operating in the region. The following ten export products represent the highest dollar value in Germany's global shipments in 2016:

• Vehicles;
• Machinery (computers included);
• Electrical equipment and machinery;
• Pharmaceuticals;
• Medical, technical and optical apparatus;
• Plastic articles;
• Aircraft and spacecraft technology;
• Iron or steel articles;
• Oil and mineral fuels;
• Organic chemicals;

A world leading exporter, Germany`s economy remains an attractive destination for international businesses. The German legislation for foreign investment provides that no restrictions apply to doing business in Germany, promoting the principle of freedom of foreign trade.

If you need more details about the company formation in Germany, please contact our International Business Advisors.

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