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How to Register a company in the Netherlands from India

Start Your Dutch BV Company formation

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Indian companies can now setup locally in Europe - The Netherlands (Holland) - Gateway to EU Market

Why The Netherlands?

  • 20% corporate tax, one of the lowest tax rates in Europe
  • 0% VAT for business between EU members states
  • Core member of the EU
  • High tech infrastructure
  • Leading world banks (ING, ABM Amro, Rabobank)
  • Excellent international business climate
  • 95% English speaking natives
  • Netherlands is a logistical hub as a gateway to Europe
  • Possibility of business immigration
  • Remote company formation

Goods On Demand BV is headquartered in the Amsterdam – in the heart of Europe, Netherlands. Our company is an innovative provider of corporate services. With our offices and over 30 partners in the Netherlands, Germany and India, our company is inherently driven to provide corporate solutions for investors and companies worldwide.

We focus on international entrepreneurs and investors for whom we provide boutique solutions for competitive prices. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a market leader in quality corporate services and tax advisory. Personalized assistance guarantees that each client is treated with the highest quality of service and dedication.

We provide advice, guidance and information for establishing a Dutch BV company or company formation in the Netherlands. We handle all aspects, legal forms, investments, legal matters, VAT numbers, bank accounts, secretarial services, visa requirements and immigration.

Everything has been solved. Our expertise and experience ensure that we know which procedures and routes to take for our customers while avoiding pitfalls.

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