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Ideas for Netherlands Dutch BV Company Formation

The Netherlands welcomes foreigners who wish to work and live on their territory and start private businesses. The country provides an ideal environment for establishing branches or establishing a large corporate headquarters, but small businesses are also developing well. The Netherlands is one of the European member states, and motivated investors and entrepreneurs can establish new businesses with relatively small initial capital. Below is a list of the five industries that are suitable for starting a small company:

Dutch food industry

Many people in the Netherlands are too focused on cooking at home. Therefore, opening a restaurant or catering agency is a great choice for small businesses. Special permits and permits are required for food storage, production and sale in the Netherlands.

Handmade products

The production of handmade products requires a small initial capital and depends mainly on the entrepreneur's ingenuity and talent. Original handcrafted clothing, bags, leather goods and jewelry can be offered to locals and tourists.

Online sale

It's easy to open a Dutch website and turn it into a platform that makes it easy to buy online or directly access different goods and service providers.

Mobile application / IT business

Mobile application developers are discovering new and exciting solutions that appeal to a wide range of customers across a wide range of applications, from social productivity to finance. Read more about the Dutch high-tech industry.

Child care in the Netherlands

Many Dutch parents work full time and need babysitting services. The establishment of a childcare centre is a good choice for the development of investors with past experience (eg nannies). This business requires special permission and is primarily related to the safety of children.

International entrepreneurs are treated like locals and can choose to open any type of company. Regardless of the business area chosen, investors must complete the company registration process and comply with national tax rules.

If you would like to avail more information on Netherlands Company Formation, please, get in touch with our International Business Advisors.

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