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Incorporate a company in Germany

Germany has a strategic position within the European Union, located in the heart of Europe, directly adjacent to Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg. It is Europe's largest economy with a GDP of about $3 trillion and a population of 81 million (estimated in 2012). Foreigners are attracted to Germany because it provides a good economic market. Germany is Europe's largest economy and ranks fourth in the world in terms of economic status.

Germany's large and diverse economy includes a successful manufacturing industry that contributes to its appeal as an excellent corporate jurisdiction. It is estimated that 4% of global foreign direct investment (FDI) comes from the region. In addition, Germany is known for establishing some of the best relationships with other countries, increasing its commercial potential for foreign investors.

The benefits of company formation in Germany have several advantages in Germany. These benefits include the following:

Excellent workforce: The German workforce is well-educated and well-trained and may be one of the best markets in the world for finding employees.

High technology: In terms of technology, Germany has a high standard of development.

Quality goods: Germany is known for creating high quality goods around the world. Items marked with the “Made in Germany” reminder are considered a symbol of quality in the world.

Foreign companies: Germany has about 45,000 foreign companies with an employment rate of more than 3 million across the country. These facts make Germany one of the world's major jurisdictions involved in foreign direct investment. Germany’s stable economy is based on its ability to incorporate foreign business investment into its jurisdiction. Germany's reputation for research and innovation has greatly helped its ability to attract foreign investors.

Infrastructure: Germany has an incredible infrastructure, including a well-established financial plan and a strong consumer market that is interested in buying.

Economic and legal system: Germany's legal system is very sound and the economy is stable. Both concepts make Germany very attractive to foreign investors.

On Demand International can assist you in German Gmbh Company Formation, taking advantage of a country which ranks 5th in the 2012 FDI Confidence Index (the only European country in the top 5) and one of only two countries to maintain its ranking from 2011.

There are 3 main forms of German Company Registration for non-German residents:

  • Limited liability corporation (GmbH)
  • Stock corporation (AG)
  • UG Company (Small type of limited company – GmbH UG)

Our unique service enables you to company formation in Europe with minimal hassle and without the need to travel there. We can also assist with the incorporation of a UG company, which only requires a paid up share capital of just 1 euro.

For a jurisdiction that the world is confident in and that is stable and accessible, set up a company in Germany today. Please contact us for further details.

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