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Indian Fashion Industry

Fashion design business

Fashion design is a dynamic, fast-paced field with incredible career possibilities. Students from fashion design institutes have a variety of options, such as working in an export company or working for other designers. But having your own label is the dream of anyone who is interested in doing business in India. The fashion design business has everything that people want. Today's famous fashion designers have a reputation and money, and there is a lot of personal satisfaction in expressing their creativity. But to achieve this, many problems must be solved, such as sourcing raw materials, targeting the right consumers and markets and Financial aspects of the business, etc.

India in the global fashion industry

For the global fashion industry, India is a very large exporter of fabrics and accessories. India's strengths depend not only on its heritage but also on its raw materials. Around the world, India is the third-largest cotton producer, the second-largest silk producer and the fifth-largest man-made fiber producer, with a cheaper skilled workforce. India offers these fabrics to international fashion companies at competitive prices, shortening lead times and effectively monopolizing designs, including elaborate hand embroidery. Indian clothing embellishment beading is another area of ​​demand in the international market.

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