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Introduction to Registering a Company in Germany

Germany is a global powerhouse of technological advancement, accounting for 22% of Europe's gross domestic product. It is the largest economy in Europe with 454 million consumers. The country is the second largest exporter in the world making it a lucrative target for international investors. There are more than 22,000 foreign companies in Germany with more than 2.1 million employees and a turnover of trillions of euros. In addition, the economy is very stable, enabling it to accommodate 37 of the world's 500 largest listed companies. Our German company formation service makes it easy to build any type of German company you want, from independent traders to partnerships or companies. For more details on our Germany company registration service, please contact us.

Main features of Limited Liability GmbH / UG

  • The minimum share capital of a limited liability company is 25,000 euros (minimum 50%)
  • UG's minimum share capital is 1 Euro
  • These are the most common commercial entities in Germany.
  • Must have at least one shareholder
  • The advantage of merging UG is that when it gets 25,000 euros, it will automatically become a limited company at no extra cost. This is very useful for companies that don't need a high startup investment.

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