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Best Location For Innovation & Growth

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Ranked fourth in the world by Forbes as the “Best Country for Business”, the Netherlands is a truly world-class business destination. See why so many multinational companies choose the Netherlands as the gateway to Europe.

Strategic location

The Netherlands offers the perfect springboard for the European market - within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Rotterdam, you can enter 95% of Europe's most profitable consumer markets.

International business environment

The Dutch DHL Global Connectivity Index ranks first with a competitive international climate. In fact, 50% of the Netherlands' GDP is from the international market.

Political and economic stability

The Netherlands has good governance and a strong economy, providing a favourable environment for conducting business.

Superior infrastructure


The Netherlands ranks second in the world in terms of overall logistics performance, with world-class seaports and airports, extensive rail and highway networks and the second highest quality broadband network in Europe.

Competitive fiscal climate

With an investment-friendly corporate income tax system, cooperative tax authorities, attractive innovation and R&D incentives, and a competitive corporate income tax rate of 20-25%, the Netherlands is one of the most attractive countries in Europe.


Highly educated multilingual workforce


The Dutch highly educated workforce sets the pace for productivity in Europe, with 90% of Dutch people proficient in English.


Innovative and innovative environment


The Netherlands ranks second in the Global Innovation Index, with an attractive test market, adaptive consumers and an open culture. As one of the most multicultural creative talent centers in the world, simply speaking, the Netherlands is a great place to bring ideas to life.

Flourishing department

Driven by world-class research institutions and academia, public-private partnerships between industry and government, the Netherlands has a rich cross-border tradition to promote the development of its booming industry.

Excellent quality of life

The World Happiness Report was named the fifth happiest place on the planet, with a high standard of living in the Netherlands.

On Demand International can help you through the entire process of Netherlands Company Formation. In addition to country-specific interests, the Netherlands is a highly valued member of the European Union, which will have a huge positive impact on your business. We will help you with each step, just contact us to start the process.

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