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Mobile payments, the emerging sector of the Dutch IT industry

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The Netherlands has one of the most developed Internet infrastructures in Europe, which is why online payment methods are also popular among residents of the country. Telecompaper's Dutch app market report shows that with strong purchasing power, the Dutch are also keen to adopt new technologies, and most citizens have one or two smartphones to support more mobile payments. Foreign investors who want to conduct IT business in this country can rely on our Dutch companies to form services.

About 2 million Dutch mobile phone users use mobile payment applications

A good Internet infrastructure not only reduces the lives of Dutch citizens, but also enables them to complete a range of actions directly from their mobile phones, such as purchasing goods or services directly from a mobile app.

According to a report released by Telecompaper, there are nearly 2 million mobile payment application users in the Netherlands, and one-sixth of the Dutch residents have payment applications installed on their smartphones. This is how mobile payments have doubled last year.

The population not only uses payment applications, but also health and communication applications that they use more frequently than others.

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Development of the Dutch mobile app department

  • Due to the skilled workforce, especially in the IT field, the special field of West holland has doubled, and the mobile application branch of the industry has grown a lot in the past few years.
  • Dutch IT companies are developing applications that are relevant to people's daily activities, which is why they have achieved such great success. From the mobile payment and health applications described above to web security and gaming applications, Dutch companies meet the needs of young and old.

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